Gross Fingernails

I just saw this story on about a woman who has 20 inch fingernails.

Occasionally, she says, people see her nails and make ugly remarks. “The women will turn their nose up to me,” she says. “Some people are jealous,” she adds with utter seriousness.

“I feel as if you can be entitled to your opinions but don’t be mean about it.”

I’m not trying to be mean about it…


What is really interesting, I ran across someone on an airtran flight a couple weeks ago who had fingernails like this. The woman I ran into had more defined coils about the size of a volleyball. I thought to myself at the time that her nails should have been considered one of her personal items to carry on. I could not imagine being the person sitting beside her.

Here is the question for you to answer. What is the craziest thing you have seen someone carry on an airplane? go.

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