Thoughts on Genesis 49-50

Before Jacob/Israel dies, he gathers his family around and ends up giving a prophecy of each of his sons. We’re reminded that Judah is the son of promise. He asks again to be buried back in the promise land. In the same place of Abraham and Sarah. In the same place that Isaac and Rebekah were buried. In the same place that Jacob buried Leah. (What about Rachel, the wife he loved more… hmmm)

After the prophecy, Jacob dies.

Genesis ends with Joseph carrying his father’s embalmed body back to the promised land. It must have been quite the parade of people. The Canaanites even recognized the parade of egyptians and chariots who had come to the burial. Joseph returns to Egypt. His brothers again fears for their lives now that their father is dead. They say that Joseph needs to agree to not harm them, he gets sad then reminds them again that what they meant for evil, God meant for good.

Joseph lives to be 110 years old. God blessed him and his family. When he died, he was embalmed and was put in a coffin in Egypt.

That finishes off the book of Genesis. But Israel’s family is still in Egypt. Their life of luxury is about to turn into a life of hard labor slavery. Yet, God is still looking after them. His promises don’t get canceled out by human intervention.

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