The Literal Thorn in My Flesh

At the moment, I have a stupid squirrel in my attic. Yes, I know that God made this creature, but I often wonder why they were allowed to come on the Ark.

We have places near the overhang of our roof where they like to get in. They gnaw at the wood and then have a party in the insulation. Sometimes, it sounds like they are sliding down the vaulted ceilings. I have tried numerous attempts to close the holes, but they have managed to eat through steel mesh!

When they are in there, they are very loud. You can hear the scuffling and gnawing and more scuffling… They get really active toward the evening hours which is what lead to the picture on the right.

Last night, I went out on our deck in the rain to bang on the wood overhang (you know…hopefully to scare it off.) When I hit the wood, my hand hurt. I sorta thought I just jarred it funny.

I got inside and happened to notice that my hand was swelling up. I had obviously gotten a splinter in my hand. I tried, but could not extract the splinter with pointed tweezers. I couldn’t even grab hold of anything.

We ended up cleaning it, and now I am just going to wait for it to come out on its own.

Anyway, Got me thinking about Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh. I did a post a couple years ago on it. What do you think his thorn was?

Perhaps Paul just had squirrels who kept getting in his tent.

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