Click Here. No Here. Actually Here. Alright I Really Meant Here…

This morning I need to print something. I forgot that I had not yet set up our office network printer on my new laptop so I start the add device process.


We don’t have the 64 bit driver on our network, so I have to go find it myself.

I google “mx3100N Driver 64bit”

While I should probably go directly to the SharpUSA page that are ranked 4th by Google I decide to go for the first result. It sounds like a winner. (BTW, not naming the name. No need to give them any link juice, but you can see the name in the pic below.)

Here’s the page that I ultimately got to after clicking here a few times…

Where would you click?

By the way, I’m not going to go into the ethical practices of this site. A lot of people think that this site is safe and not a problem to use, but there are ads embedded everywhere. Each click you do on this site is generating revenue for someone, and probably not helping you find what you were searching for in the first place.

My point that I want to make is that if your landing page doesn’t make it obvious where the user needs to go to take the next step, you’ve lost. Take this to the extreme opposite where you present the user with 18 paragraphs of copy. No headers. No bulleted copy. No pictures. Just reams and reams of information. That landing page is as unusable as this one.

There is a middle ground where you’re not going to confuse or tick off your user.

Oh. One other thing. I went to all that effort to find a driver and install it and then actually write a blog post about it to discover that we were out of toner anyway. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Click Here. No Here. Actually Here. Alright I Really Meant Here…

  1. This site is precisely as usable as the owner intends. They have a financial incentive to make sure the ads are more prominent than the download link, and doubly-so to score a click-through via one of them.

    A job well done, I say. Only thing I would add is they should upsell printer ink :-).

    Chris Ames