The Difference between God’s Promises and Expectations and Our Promises and Expectations

Thoughts on Exodus 24-30

After hearing all the rules, laws, commandments of the previous chapters the people respond in one unanomous voice:

All the words that the Lord has spoken we will do.

With this (and some blood being thrown around) the covenant was confirmed.

After this  Moses goes back up on the mountain for a 40 day visit with God.

Next in chapters 25 through 27 God meticulously goes through how he wants his house to built.

  • There are verses about specific items to be placed in the sanctuary.
  • There are verses about the Ark of the Covenant that is to be made
  • Lampstands and Tables
  • Very specific instructions about the building itself
  • The Altar has a plan
  • The Court around the Tabernacle
  • Oil for the lamps
  • Priest Garments
  • Even the way the priests should be prepared is detailed
  • And much more…

Very detailed instructions. If you’re like me when you read this, your eyes glaze over and you come away thinking “Why is this important and relevant to me?”

God is all about order. The universe is thrown into perfect order. Our bodies are crafted in crazy microscopic detail. I think in a way God was trying to show the people the difference between they and He. Not only are they not going to be able to follow each of the earlier commands (which He already knows) they aren’t going to be able to match his ordered creative plans either.

He wants them to build a place that is holy and set apart to Him. We’re really no different. Get rid of all the other crap that doesn’t need to be in the presence of God. Today our bodies are the temple. We often come into the presence of God with other things lingering.

I come from a very traditional Baptist background. At times we’ve pushed into contemporary, but that backed off. I am also a big believer in very contemporary elements in church. There is a line and I understand this. I think that you have to look at the heart of the worshipers to understand where that line actually is. I have been in both environments where either worship style was forced or fake, or genuine and authentic. I think in these verses that God is asking for total commitment and focus on Him during worship.

The rest of Exodus and Much of Leviticus is going to touch on these areas. There are a lot of laws and commands that are expected to be followed, promises made to follow them, but ultimately we can not live up to that standard. There is NOTHING that we can do to gain favor other than put our faith, and trust in God’s Son Jesus. When that is genuine, we won’t want all the other crap in our lives while we are worshiping Him.

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