I have given you all the ability and skills you need. Trust me. Remember to REST!

Thoughts on Exodus 31-35

Wow Chapter 31 jumps right into some interesting verses. God talking to Moses says, I’ve called you and have ” filled him with the Spirit of God, with ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship.” I’ll take some of that.

Then he goes on to say that all the Stuff that God has asked his people to create… He has given them the ability to make all that they have been commanded. I’ve often wondered why it was important for God to have this elaborate house with specific details laid out for his people to follow.

The end of 31 again emphasizes the importance of the Sabbath. Interesting. He has detailed all this stuff that the people should be at work doing, but God has mentioned again here the importance of the Sabbath.

In Chapter 32 the people have already forgotten all that God has done for them and want to build some idols (Specifically a Golden Cow) Because 1) they don’t know what has happened to Moses, and 2) they need leadership.  WHAT!?! How could they fall so fast.

Yeah, we do this too.

God wants to take out His wrath on these “Stiff Necked People” but Moses pleads for the people and asks God to withhold his wrath. God does so.

Moses takes the tablets down the mountain and finally sees why God was so angry. And Moses is Ticked.

He throws the tablets down and breaks them then burns the golden cow… THEN MAKES THE PEOPLE DRINK THE GROUND UP ASHES IN WATER!


Moses goes back to God to plead again and ask forgiveness for these idiots. God says that “Whoever has sinned against me, I will blot out of my book.” I’m thankful that the new covenant of Jesus has paid the price for my sins once and for all.

Chapter 33 is such an amazing chapter. God tells the people to leave… but that He was not going to go with them. The people mourn. Moses intercedes again and gets God to agree to go with them again. As a sign (which Moses asks for) God agrees to reveal all his “Goodness” toward the people as he passes before Moses who would be hidden in a cleft of a rock. Only here is Moses safe.

Chapter 34 there are new tablets made and Moses comes down and has God’s Glory on him before the people. The Covenant is renewed between God and His people. Things seem to be good.

Chapter 35 is a reminder of the tasks that God has set before the people. The tabernacle is revisited along with discussions about Sabbath again and contributions by all the people to the work at hand. Again it is mentioned that God has given them every skill required to accomplish what he has commanded.

God still gives us all that we need to do the work that he has called us to do. I struggle daily with the work before me. I need to rely on the skills given and rest in Him when I am supposed to.

Good Reminders.