Does God Use Progress Bars?

An interesting post by Eric Dye over on ChurchIT called It’s Just a Progress Bar, Right? got me thinking.

Does God use Progress Bars?

OK I know that sounds absurd. Here’s what sparked that thought?

I can remember on many occasions thinking that I was so absolutely right about something that if you didn’t believe what I believed you were just plain wrong. You tracking with me? I would go so far as to pray to God that they be shown where they err. The only problem with God is that He historically has used experiences like these to grow me and show me where I was wrong. I believe that there are plenty of issues that we argue about that none of us know the absolute truth about, but we’re so confident in our little fleshly interpretations that we fail to see the possible forest because of the trees.

Does God use progress bars during those times? Is there some visual sign that we should be picking up on? Is there any user indication of this? On second thought, does it matter if we don’t have a progress bar? Shouldn’t we just know that God is working on us and allow him to do so?

Of course, there isn’t a completion to our progress. At least on this earth.


On that absurd tangent… can you imagine if when God was creating creation that he had a throbber pop up during the first 6 day’s activities. I’ve always believed that “Let there be Light” just happened. Faster than our calculated speed of light. He said it. It just was. That is my tiny mind trying to wrap something around how it could have happened. Call me crazy.


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