Holiness and Atonement: Book of Leviticus

If you will, I would like to give a broad overview of Leviticus. I mentioned yesterday, that it isn’t as “riveting as the book of Joshua.” That probably isn’t a fair assessment. The story like narratives aren’t in it, but there are thorough descriptions of who God wants the priests to be and how they are to teach the children of Israel.

God has very high standards for the people of Israel… as He has for us. Some people would blame God for his high standard and say that it is impossible to keep. However, we need to remember it was not God who changed His standard. It is us who choose to place our faith in ourselves instead of him. We replace the natural craving for God with craving for other things. Because of this sin and because of our inability to meet His standards, there must be an atonement for the sin in our lives.

During these early days in the wilderness, sacrifice was a way to seek atonement. It was the priests who could come before God and offer those sacrifices of atonement.  However, now… the final once and for all sacrifice has come in the form of Jesus. He served as the chief priest and sacrifice in one. He was Holy and went to the cross Holy.

We can not blame God for his High Standards. We can not and should not lesson the standard in today’s times. It hasn’t changed from day 1. God still wants holiness and wants us to be set apart from the rest of the world. We are supposed to look different and seem different to those who do not have Christ’s light in their lives.

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