Numbers 3 and 4

Random thought about Numbers 3 and the Levites in general. The Levites were not counted in the warriors of the nation, but they had a greater responsibility. They were chosen to serve God in the tabernacle. They had specific duties to carry on. I wonder if the other tribes had any jealousy in this. Surely they did. They were human of course. Surely they had envy that they were going to go off to war while their brothers kept up the house of God.

Then you have the individual tasks within the tabernacle. All important, but each family had a job to do. I bet there was a little rubber necking going on there. The level of maturity that God wanted (wants) is great, but we fragile people get in the way of ourselves and what he has intended for us.

Self gets in the way A LOT. Then our acts of service to our King (which is our worship) doesn’t happen as it should.

I am thankful that God still wants to have anything to do with a selfish wretch as I.

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