Praying to God for Cheaper Gas

I saw this article on 11alive this morning.  A church in Dublin, Georgia is coming together to pay for cheaper gas.

We are a rich nation with rich people problems, yes?

Nothing against this church doing it. Hopefully they are actually praying for other things too while they gather to pray. I was thinking about the fact that Jesus answered his disciples on how to pray. (first of all, it isn’t supposed to be all about us…prayer is first about God and who He is.) “Give us today our daily bread,” Not “Lower our gasoline prices so that we can extend our yard sale trip outside our county line.”

Tangent…I’m sure that Dublin Georgia is probably being hit very hard in times like this. However, Last I checked Dublin seemed like the only exit off of I16 between Macon and Savannah. Can’t they charge just about anything they want for gas?

I really don’t want to be cynical about this. Again, HOPEFULLY they are praying for other things.

“It’s not a white issue, not a black issue, it’s a green issue,” says Pastor Mabry of the escalating prices.

I’ll let that one slide. No comment.

“If it doesn’t drop down to nothin’ but ten cents, I’m happy with that. But what I really want to believe God to do is drop down $1.50, hey, I’m glad with that, too,” says the pastor.

Being bold about your requests are fine. Let’s approach the Throne of Grace with confidence. However, let’s not pray for lower gas (and specific amount requests take it even further) Perhaps we should pray that God reveal himself to those who need him somehow through the situation.

Of course I say that and then remember the first miracle was water to wine, right? hmm.

Another nugget of wisdom from the article:

“I can’t see how a country like ours, that could put people on the moon like it’s nothin’ and people in outerspace like it’s nothin’ can’t make some kind of fuel that would run in these cars that wouldn’t cost very much money,” says Thomas Didonato, who paid $3.64/gallon on Monday.

Well, call me a cynic, but I actually believe that putting people in space and on the moon was and is a little harder than nothin’. I do agree that we should be able to make cars that aren’t so dependent on gasoline. That comes down to a political thing. Get the politicians out of the way (along with their lobbyists and we can begin to fix the problem.) God allows those politicians to be where they are, by the way.

Of course, then when I read the comments on to this article, it makes me realize that prayer is much needed. Not about Gas though. Eternity is at stake.


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3 thoughts on “Praying to God for Cheaper Gas

  1. I always find it odd that people on one hand complain about the price of gas, and on the other hand complain that we should have some alternative fuel by now. The way we get an alternative, is by having expensive gas. Expensive gas drives research into alternatives.