How Stuff Christians Like – got Booty God Booty’d

This past weekend I was checking out some books on my iPhone. I was hoping to find something that interested me so that I could request it from the library.

I happened to check out Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff. I haven’t read it yet (other than the blog posts that led to the book) I seriously doubt that the local library has Jon’s book, but I wouldn’t request it, right? Even though Jon’s boss, Dave Ramsey has taught me to be more critical of my purchases, the proper Christian thing to do is to pay for the book so that the author gets a few cents and can maybe afford a new V neck tee.¬† You tracking me? I mean there really is nothing like reading the book that came from blog posts, right?

What struck me as funny is that Jon was totally Booty God Booty‘d by Apple iBooks. Check out the “Customers also bought” at the bottom of the screen?

  • The Bible of Unspeakable Truths
  • The College Humor Guide to College
  • The Essential Book of Useless Information
  • I’ll Mature When I’m Dead
  • Badass

I seriously doubt that these books are ones that are related by purchase. Unless it is Jon himself who is buying his own books and just happens to have a thing for these books as well.

I guess that if I end up purchasing the book, I’d probably add some interesting books to the list too. I’ve got to get this one before I read his other two.

Oh if only the book would be at the library instead and I wouldn’t have to deal with this stuff. Perhaps Dave Ramsey will approve.








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