Numbers 5 through 8

Clean up the Camp

The first part of Numbers 5 at first, seems pretty harsh. They were told by God to “put out” anyone who was unclean physically. But then it talks about confession and restitution. Something that should always happen with sin. Until we have whatever has made us unclean in control, we probably don’t need to be in the camp.

Interesting that the next 20 verses are all about adultery. A lot specifically about the woman. Not sure what to take from that. Doesn’t seem completely fair. I guess we have to remember that we are called to be the Bride of Christ. Every time we stray from God, we commit adultery. Right?

Chapter 6 talks about Nazarite Vows. The application that I can make on my life is to make a commitment and be set apart. However, this isn’t a short term commitment. This is lifelong commitment. Sounds like what Christ calls us to.

Chapter 7 takes 89 verses to say roughly the same thing. 12 days in a row do 12 different leaders bring in the same 12 offerings. It is a very repetitive and rough passage to read and take anything from. If I am to believe that every word in the Bible is inspired and is in that book for a purpose, than I am to try to takeaway something from it. A couple thoughts:

  1. It required me to shut off all external noise to make it through this chapter. Our frenzied pace needs to be stopped in order for us to really focus on the Word.
  2. It struck me that several times in the Old Testament, the children of Israel are brought together in mass and listen to the word read. Each tribe hears the same statement read. They know that they are a part of the story. They gave the offering. They were a part.

Chapter 8 talks about the Levites again. They are dedicated to the tasks of God.  It is interesting that they face a retirement at age of 50 from service. However, they are actually freed up at this point to build into their younger Levite brothers. This would be an interesting policy for the local church to adopt. Seems healthy.

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