Peep Facts

Who invented the wonderful candy known as Peeps?

Sam Born. Sam Born began selling Peeps in the early 1920’s. He sold them in a small grocery store he owned, under a sign that read “Just Born”.

In what city did Peeps first appear?

New York City. Peeps quickly became his most popular item.

Where are Peeps made since 1932?

Bethlehem, Pa.. In 1932, Sam Born moved his company to a larger facility in Bethlehem to keep up with the growing demand.

How long does it take to make a Peep?

6 minutes. In 1953, it took 27 hours. The original process was done by hand, compared to today when machines do much of the work. Today, you can make your own Peeps, with an at home kit available from Just Born!

What color is the most popular Peep?

Yellow. We all love the little yellow chicks! After yellow, the favorite color are- pink, lavender, blue, and white. The flavor, in most cases, is not changed by the color. It is simply food dye

How many Peeps are made each DAY in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania factory?

4.2 million. That is a lot of Peeps.

Peeps aren’t as bad for you as you might think. A single Peep has how many calories?

32. Peeps have 0 grams of fat too. Let’s face it though, a Peep is just a hunk of sugar coated sugar.

What holiday is the largest orgy of Peep buying?

Easter. Peeps are now available year round. You can find bat Peeps for Halloween, hearts for Valentines Day, and even Christmas tree Peeps. A Peep for every occasion!

According to surveys, how many Peeps does the average adult eat in a sitting?

5. The way to eat a Peep is totally personal. Some eat the head first, another the tail. Others, myself included, poke holes in the wrapping to let them get stale. You can bake with Peeps, microwave them,freeze them, even order a pizza with Peep topping. Anything goes.

A box of unopened Peeps should be discarded after 1 year.

False. The shelf life of Peeps, if stored properly, is years. In 1 million years, someone will dig up a pack of Peeps, and they will probably be edible!

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By the way, I don’t like Peeps.

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