Numbers 9 – 10

Numbers 9 starts off with a discussion whether those who have been made unclean through touching of a dead body should take the Passover. God makes it clear that they should still take part. That’s interesting to me. I guess that God wants them to remember more that they are dependent upon Him for all that they have. He wants them to get to a calm place and look back at what he has done and look forward to what he will do. Even though they have made themselves unclean… we are all unclean at times and those are times that we should draw closer to God even more.

Mid chapter 9 talks of the cloud and fire that God appears before the people in. When the cloud or fire lift from the Tabernacle, the people are to follow. God knows best where his people should be. Often the israelites are found grumbling and longing for Egypt in the Old Testament. However, here, they are found obedient. They follow whenever and where ever God leads. God moves at the times that He wants to. He commands us to follow. How often do we move before the cloud moves? We go and try to settle into an area that He never meant us to be.

Likewise in chapter 10, when the trumpet is played, the people know that they are to ready to move. Leaders of the church today need to take up the trumpet and make aware to their people when and where the move is to take place. I don’t think that happens often enough.

And when they move, the ark of the covenant goes before them. We need to make sure that the Word is given the respect that it deserves and that we follow where God lights the path through His Word.



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