Dear Southwest Airlines Chairman of the Board Gary Kelly

Dear Gary

I am not very happy with the merger between Southwest and Airtran. Frankly, I don’t like the way Southwest handles itself for business travelers. I do hope that your quote, “We have single-class service, we have no plans to change that.” is something that you have had the opportunity to ponder in the past few months. I know that no frills has worked for you thus far, and I realize that the alignment with Airtran gets you into some places that you currently do not operate, but I believe that mindset is the exact mindset that will keep travelers like me from you.

Frankly, I wished that the FTC would have just blocked the deal. That would have made things easier for me. I don’t know if I should go ahead and start using another airline, because I know that the perks of being a business elite traveler will not follow me to Southwest. I really would love to know what you want to do with people like me. I have friends who talk up Southwest, but the cattle call lines and experiences that I have had with Southwest thus far aren’t something that endear me to your services.

You probably don’t care about the individual rider like me, but how do you really feel about the group that is business travelers? I don’t expect your culture to change because of us, but then again, I wish you would have just kept your culture where it is.


Time to start looking for a new airline.



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One thought on “Dear Southwest Airlines Chairman of the Board Gary Kelly

  1. I agree with everything you said. I am an Elite Airtran passenger. I fly Airtran about 15 or so round trips a year. But if I lose the current perks, then I am not sure what would keep me flying Airtran/Southwest.