Wishing That Excessive Web Copy Was as Easy to Get Rid Of as Excessive Exclamation Points

Here’s a post that I wrote a while back for work. Recently, it came to mind.

I am someone that hates the overuse of the exclamation point.

First off, it is annoying. Second, it screams at me “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE WEB COPY!”

Here’s a classic case of Excessive Exclamation Point Syndrome (EEPS): “We are launching the new campaign for cancer research. Let’s work together for this great cause!!!”

Three Objectives for Web Copy

I recommend that you make your copy as concise, scanable and objective as possible:

Concise: Use about half the word count as you would typically would for other mediums.

• Scanable: Present the copy in a structure that allows for an easy scan by the viewer.

Give me a nice bold header that tells me what you’re trying to tell me. Give me a sentence (perhaps two) that gets right to the point of your page’s subject.

Also, I like bullets. They make it real easy to scan for what I am looking.

Last, I like an obvious call-to-action that clearly identifies what do you want me to do next.

Objective: Get rid of the EEDS. I see right through it.

After landing on your page, I don’t want to filter through the “marketese” that you’re pitching me. I want neutral language that is not boastful and exaggerated fluff.

EEDS Medicine

Recently, I found this cool add-on script created by Ryan McFarland that can be added to Firefox. When you view Web pages with EEDS, it “turns anything more than two exclamation points into just one.” Awesome.

Now if only I could write a script that would remove “fluffy marketese” from Web copy, I’d be rich!!!

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