How I killed my blog, and then brought it back to life

Well, I did something extremely stupid the other day.

I was in the middle of creating a subdomain for a dev site that I was working on… I wanted it to be public so that the group that I was working on the site with could view and contribute on it before we took it live. (See Exhibit #1 problem)

Well, I for some reason was having a database connection problem, and went to delete the subdomain and all files associated with it and start again.

Only I deleted the Main Domain.


I even was stupid enough to read the “Are you SURE you want to perform this action?”

Of course… I know what I am doing.

Wait… What domain did that say I just deleted?!?

Luckily, I had a backup.

Have you backed up your blog yet and all files that come with it.

You should!
(BY THE WAY, I wasn’t so lucky about a month ago when I totally screwed up the custom design that I had sitting on top of  my Standard Theme Install. No backup of those files existed. Hence the hardwood floor look. I am slowly getting back to tweaking this thing back to where it was. I had actually gotten it to a point that I liked it.)


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One thought on “How I killed my blog, and then brought it back to life

  1. I like the hardwood background. It makes me want to dribble a basketball on your blog. Glad you are willing to put your blog on the line for the rest of us! Excited for your development!