The Problem with Email

(At least my problem with it at the moment)

Here’s the problem that I have with email all of the sudden… I have maybe 10 email addresses, right? However, for the past 5 years I have used one email address for just about everything. My bad. It was my primary and if I signed up for ‘official’ accounts anywhere, I used it. In retrospect that was such a bad practice.

I’ve had the fun experience of changing/updating my accounts everywhere since I no longer use this email address. I can only assume that for a LONG time will I be finding them. I actually started off thinking that I would keep track of all of them as I change, but I realized the vanity in doing that.

What do you do? Do you have a master document that lists all accounts and usernames and passwords somewhere? Do you only keep one throwaway address for spam needs?

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5 thoughts on “The Problem with Email

  1. I have a dozen or so email addresses, but they all go to the same place and I own all of the domain names (except for the gmail ones).

    I do worry about the gazillion places that require an email. I try to track the important passwords (banks, credit cards, etc). Should I drop dead or be incapacitated for some reason, my wife needs to be able to access everything.

  2. I paired down all of my email addresses to three addresses all of which go to a single inbox. I primarily use one for everything and Meghan has access should anything happen to me.

  3. So I’ve had a recent change that necessitated the need for rethinking my email strategy. I’ve got about 10, that might be in use in some capacity somewhere across the web. Any and all that I use for business are running on Google Apps. I’m basically using a new-ish one based on new business, new focus and direction and have essentially set that apps mail account to send/receive all the other apps mail accounts, so at least I have access to them all in one location. I’m slowly trying to unsubscribe from numerous email updates/newsletters/deals etc. and if I want to stay subscribed to one, I’m updating the account to my current, hopefully final, email address. As far as personal, I have a GMail account and a MobileMe account, as well as several for personal domains, too. I hardly ever use the GMail account although I’ve kept it around for some reason. That reason now seems to be Google+. I’m trying to decide to best use/merge/migrate those personal accounts, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I can say this, though, 1Password is one of the best investments I’ve made. I still use a couple of passwords a lot, but less and less as I let 1Password generate one that’s super-secure, store it, and then let me access it next time I need it just by using my “one password.” I’d be lost without it. And less secure. My wife, too, knows my main password and I’ve showed her how to access 1Password for sites should anything ever happen to me.

    I desperately need to get down to just one email for biz and one for personal, but I can’t decide what to keep and what to get rid of.