Evin Crayloa Kan Produse Tipos

My wife and I were doing a little school shopping the other day at Walmart.

While looking at everything, she picked up this item. Have you seen it on the ads on TV?

I’m still not exactly sure how they work, nor why you would want dry erase CRAYONS, but I’m certain that Crayola has the R/D department to justify our society need for this product. Surely they’ve invested MILLIONS into its research and product launch.

My wife immediately caught that in 2 or three places on the packaging it states that there is a “Mitt” inside for use in the erasing process, however the largest bullet point on the back states that there is a “Matt” inside.

My mind races on how much expense went into product development and packaging design. I can only imagine that dozens of eyes had to have looked at the proof of the packaging, right?

I guess my take away is this, even Crayola can screw up. Next time you mess up or flub something, don’t beat yourself up over it.


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One thought on “Evin Crayloa Kan Produse Tipos

  1. I reviewed a book earlier this year. In a chapter on authority and the importance of going through proper channels (and diatribing against Wikipedia and web based or crowd sourced methods of review) an author make a mistake (probably a typo) in one of his illustrations. I checked and the typo was in the print, kindle and audio versions of the book. I admit that I had a little bit of glee (since I strongly disagreed with his take on the subject.)