The Walls Began to Shake… in Washington DC

Reading Acts this evening. I came to chapter 16 where it details Paul and Silas imprisoned. Even though they are in jail, they are singing and praying to God. There’s a church service going on in the cellblock!

While they were doing this, there was a Great earthquake that shook the foundations and opened up the prison doors. The interesting part of the story is that the prison guard is about to take his life because he assumes that all the prisoners have escaped in the night during the earthquake, but Paul stops him and tells him that everyone is still in the prison and have not left.

The Jailer rushes in and asks Paul what he must do to be saved… because he KNOWS that Paul has something that he needs.

I’ve always liked this story. Ray Boltz had a song in the 80s/90s that I used to enjoy and sang a few times (you know back when Camp Kirkland wrote youth choir versions of contemporary Christian songs… you know when you could go to the Baptist Bookstore and buy accompaniment tracks on cassette tapes which always included a demo version of the song from someone other than the artist who wrote it and made it popular in the first place)

Caution: Snarky Remarks Ahead.

On a side note, don’t we all wish that when the earthquake hit Washington DC today… don’t we all secretly wish that after they evacuated all the buildings that the politicians would see the earthquake as a chance to escape the ‘imprisonment’ that happens to be their Job Security with No Term Limits. Seriously, we don’t need them to be brave and weather the storm… they can make a run for it. We won’t pursue them. Head towards Canada and don’t look back. Oh, and take the media with you. We can rely on social media for our news reporting now.

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