Why I Am Not Going to see Dolphin Tail

Because it is not called Dolphin TAIL. It is called Dolphin TALE.

You see, it is a play on words.

Get it.

Seriously, our family was in Clearwater a few weeks ago and got to go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where Winter and her friends are. We had a really nice time. The movie is based upon the actual story of Winter. What excites me more than anything about the movie is that it is family friendly.

I want this movie to do well because there is too much crap that gets made into feature films that can’t be shown to my kids.

I liked how I Take Joy worded it:

Dolphin Tale is just a sweet children’s story, but it also shows an under story of a child who is failing at school who comes alive when he has real life problems to solve, real causes to get behind. He comes alive because his heart is captivated by the idea that he can do something, even as a child, to help.

So… Go see Dolphin Tale. Starts today. I’m looking forward to going with my family.

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