One Less Christmas Song

Forgive me for this if you like the song One Last Christmas by Matthew West. I’m over it. In fact, when it plays… I’ve been working out the lyrics to my own parody version. Who wants to help me with the second Verse and Bridge?


It’s the song that no one asked for.
Can’t get out of my head.
It makes you wish you could hear the depressing
Christmas Shoe Song by Newsong Instead.

The Fish loves to play it sooo much.
They play it 20 times a day.
I am praying for a miracle
The station’s version of this song gets accidentally erased.

We need One Less Christmas song
One Less Tune
One less melody filled with pain and gloom
I don’t care if the TV movie
Asked for a song they could play
If you ask me we’d be better off,
With one less Christmas song.

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