Thank You Notes We Will Never See

How many folks do we impact every day?

Who do you bump into on a regular basis? Does it stop there? A lot is said about Friends/Followers/Circles within social media… are those people we should consider how our actions and words fall?

I mean, we impact them too. Right?

Read my question again… How many folks do we impact every day?  There’s no accounting at our disposal for this kind of data. We can’t pull up a report to help us understand this metric. The fact is that we impact folks all the time both positively and negatively.

I read this article from Wayne Elsey, who is a CEO of a non-profit organization called Soles4Souls. Their mission is pretty simple. They facilitate getting shoes to people who need them in the world. Read more about them. Wayne had one of those experiences where he impacted someone without knowing it. Although in the end, this flight attendant did more to impact him.

We all get caught up in the “Stuff” that is going on in our lives. There’s no way around it and frankly we shouldn’t be too worried when it spills over into our interactions with others, but we need to remember our witness is always being presented. We either present a clear picture of the gospel, or we could be blaspheming our creator and sustainer.

Hopefully, as we go through life, we will have folks come up and thank us for how we’ve impacted them, but there are thank you notes that we will never see.

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