Projects, Projects, Projects

I’ve got several projects in the hopper at the moment. I’m excited about a parts portal that I’m building for Howard Brothers. I think it is going to excite a lot of our customers who purchase Outdoor Power Equipment from us. It has been challenging, but the SEO value that we’re going to receive from the pages that are going to be on the public side of the portal verses pages behind the customer login area are going to be great.

There are lots of places that sell parts online, but I think we’re going to redefine what it is like for our customers. Imagine your doctor having a patient portal (which are all the rage now) and you have exclusive access to the doctor and nurses to ask questions, request test results and create appointments. We’re gonna do something similar for our commercial landscape customers.

I’ve been looking a lot into content management systems from an e-commerce solution. There are several options, and because all companies are unique, you really have to understand the pros and cons, benefits and obstacles with each.

I’ve got a few freelance jobs that I’m working on and am excited about a ministry web site that is coming along. This particular ministry is one that I think does an excellent job reaching and impacting students. It will be exciting to case study this one over the long time. Aside from that I’ve got a couple small things going on that keep me up late at night. I’ve been learning a WHOLE lot more coding and hopefully I’ll be able to call my self a semi-developer soon. Eh… probably not.

I have a lot of writing going on at the moment… which has negatively affected my writing here. I just don’t do enough personal writing. Will have to get that back on track. I gotta narrow my category focus again on this site.

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