Some Twitter Pruning

I guess this time of year it becomes popular to do some mass unfollowing on twitter. Is it a Lent thing? Some kinda 2 month delayed new years resolution?

Michael Hyatt talked about why he stopped following me. On, John Saddington presented a tool to help you mass unfollow everyone including me.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of the mass unfollow.

So I didn’t use an ‘app for that’ I did it one at a time.

I wrote a post in November 2009 about my follow strategy on Twitter. A WHOLE lot has changed in my life since this post. I have a totally new job. I have a new church. I have a lot of the same friends, but I have a lot of new friends. I do remember doing the mass unfollow on Facebook about this same time. That was more because of wanting to have a cleaner/clearer engagement place there.

But like I said, with Twitter, I didn’t prefer the mass unfollow. I knew that I would lose some folks who I truly enjoy connecting with. I’ve met some amazing people through Twitter and have connected with industry leaders that I would NEVER have been able to otherwise. That is the great thing about social media. While you can fall into the snare of thinking that you have deep relationships with others (and I’ve been there) you can meet folks who over time can become best friends and fellow warriors in the trenches.

However, I needed to do some pruning. Selective pruning.

I started conciously looking through tweets as they came. If from a brand that I don’t need to have pushing messages to me, I unfollowed. I dropped several past clients. These were tough. I built great relationships with these organizations but do not work with them anymore. It became obvious that I didn’t need to follow them anymore. I dropped several folks in the church world. These folks didn’t follow me and I didn’t actively engage with them. I imagine over time, I’ll add some back.

I dropped some athletes and some celebrities that I followed. I dropped some personas that obviously were not being used much.

Now, I’m much different than most. I only reduced my following 125-150. I wasn’t following over 100,000 folks like Michael Hyatt was. I’d much rather he and tentblogger use a tool to facilitate this task than to waste time doing it my way. Their time is much more valuable to me creating awesome content that grows me as a person.

For those who care, my Klout score was 52 prior to this. I’ll see if it results in any change. I can’t imagine that it will, but I was following more people than were following me… We’ll see if it does anything.

My next goal is to start cleaning up my lists and making better columns in tweetdeck and hootsuite. Currently my tweetdeck has 45 columns. That seems a little unnecessary 🙂

Anyway, if you got cut and you think I made a mistake… let me know.


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