Pay attention to the people who are breaking the rules

How do you change the way people think about buying razors? Check this video out.

Whether this business lasts or not is
not the issue. I admire the innovation and passion of trying something that can grab the attention of the end user. This creative style of video and concept is not new, but in marketing and business, you should be extremely focused, clear, and passionate.

This guy is hyper focused about razors. He is very passionate about razors. His message is crystal clear.

Check out the website:

The confidence that comes from this video makes me want to try the service out. But you know what else happened? It made me want to share it with others (hence the post.) If we are excited about something, we will want to share it with our circle of influence.

Takeaway – Pay attention to the people who are breaking the rules.

Who are some folks who you see who are breaking the rules?

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