When Comment Spam is this Good… You Know You’ve Arrived

I recently broke my site.

Actually it was a failure to update a file that broke it, but that’s a whole other story.

I luckily had backups of everything, but instead of building the site exactly as it was, I am actually trying to rebuild it better and use less plugins and a cleaner theme.

One plugin that I realized right away that I would need to reinstall and activate was the Akismet plugin that kills almost ALL spam comments at once. It is phenomenal.

And because this plugin works so well, I have not been receiving a hundred comments that sound like this:

Document was first suggested this approach blog just by great cousin. I’m unsure when this approach content is normally compiled by the dog like nobody better be aware of these sort of meticulous approximately great problem. You’re amazing! Regards!

Can someone please tell me what this means.

But, At least I know that I am Amazing!


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One thought on “When Comment Spam is this Good… You Know You’ve Arrived

  1. I get a lot of good spam comments! Whenever i get home from school, I usually go to my dashboard and look at my spammed comments and approve the good ones!! since i am young, i thought those comments really meant what they said to my blog…