Recent Dumb Ideas

Lately I’ve done some pretty dumb things.

On my way back from the True Value Hardware national show in Orlando, I got pulled over by the fine Florida Highway Patrol in Sumter County. Apparently, I was driving faster than the posted speed limit. While I do not totally believe that I was going as fast as the air patrol pilot says I was, I ended up paying the fine and becoming part of one of the greatest government fundraising scams that I believe takes place today. Thanks Florida! Either way, I was dumb for going too fast and should have known better. Now I do.

Second, I took my daughters to our public library a month or so ago. I had a particular book that I wanted. They were with me. We ended up putting a few books for them on my card. I NEVER get books with them, so when my books were due, I took them back. I failed to remember their books and $46.oo+ later I realized my mistake. Luckily the nice lady at the library cut my fine in half. She laughed at my situation.

But neither of those are as dumb as what I just did.

I challenged @alliswell to a game of Draw Something.

Why on earth would I subject myself to a drawing contest with Jared Erickson. He is FAR more talented than I. He will smoke me at this game, but more importantly, he has the ability to share what I draw with his co-workers. They’ll get lots of laughs out of that.

So consider this a preemptive strike. If I embarrass myself first, I have the upper hand… right?


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