Probably Over Thinking Which Name I should use to Refer to God

I’m camped out on a concept and playing around with it… Just figured I’d put thoughts to words. Emailed a few folks this and might as well upload it here.

So God is this impersonal word to refer to whom He is. the word ‘god’ is like the word kleenex. We all call tissue that you can use to blow your nose by the brand name. Let me have a coke can refer to any number of soda flavors.

‘god’ can refer to anything that we make one… Our God has many names that describe Him. He revealed Himself as LORD to the Israelites. Not sure if the israelites translated this or if the name YHWH was given to them. Yahweh was derived from this. I’ve read where Yahweh appears 6800 times in the old testament.

In Leviticus, it commands that misuse in a blasphemous way is punishable by death.

Fast Forward to Romans and it speaks of God’s wrath on unrighteousness… God has made it plain to all men who suppress the truth. It has been made plain to them. Even though they may not know Him by one of His revealed names, they have His invisible attributes clearly visible. (That’s another paradox statement that now I have to chew on too)

Throughout the Bible, God commands to not take his name lightly.

Why is it that we minimize who He is in everything we do when we start talking to Him or about Him. He’s relational, but so often we just open our prayers with Dear God… when the word god is this impersonal word that can be used by any number of gods. He actually makes the point for me when he says, you should have no other gods before Me. That is even indicative of the overuse/misuse of the word.

He has many names, why don’t we use them.

Seems like the israelites were going down the right path and held YHWH sacred. They wouldn’t even speak it even though they had it. Didn’t they use a special pen to write the name?

Is this a result of us being gentiles who didn’t experience the LORD of the Old Testament and we just started referring to Him as “big G”

Just ponderous.

These thoughts above are in no way complete. This is probably something I’m going to continue to hammer out a little more and may continue to write it here as record.


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One thought on “Probably Over Thinking Which Name I should use to Refer to God

  1. I think you have a real point. But I also think it is important that we know the trinity in ways the were not a part of the OT. So while there are a long list of oT names. They are not really as descriptive as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That doesn’t mean we should not be reverent but that our look at the name of God should start at the trinity because that is the fullest revelation we have.