Feeling Like Sisyphus

At work lately, I’ve been pretty busy. When I first sat down in the Marketing and Communcations Manager role at Howard Brothers, I felt extremely confident about my ability to create web strategy that would catch us up with the rest of the online world. I knew that I’d be able to communicate to customers and fellow team members what we were doing. I knew that I would be using available tools to connect with our rabid fans and our occasional regular customers. I knew that I’d be able to optimize our websites for organic search which would help drive conversion through contact forms, phone calls, and feet through the doors.

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What I didn’t realize was that I’d be focusing so much on “traditional” media. I’m a web guy. That is the world that I lived and breathed for 6 years before coming back to Howards. My goal was to make the web the hub of communication for everything we do, but I’ve learned that the strategy you employ on the spokes that lead out of the hub are sometimes as important as the hub itself. I’ve had to focus on print. I’ve had the opportunity to create beneficial videos for our company. I’ve had to negotiate with outdoor signage companies. I’ve had the opportunity to imagine what a new store would like with signage, awnings and color. I’ve created business cards, color schemes, direct mail pieces, radio ads, internal communication mediums, event planning, co-op advertising dollars spent, vender promotion planning… Every day is different. And I LOVE IT!

You see, once upon a time there was this poor shmuck named Andy, whose day job was pushing a Rock up a hill for eternity.

OK, this isn’t fair. Although my past web world job involved many boulders that I had to keep pushing, each of those boulders were training me and teaching me skills that I now use. God’s planning for every step of my life is so obvious when seen in retrospect. Everything that we go through is building us up for later trials. At the time, we can’t believe the crud that we’re dealing with. We can’t see the point or the purpose, but God does.

Recognizing Today’s Boulders

Today, I still push boulders. I’ve been more busy lately than I probably have been all year… and it has been a VERY busy year. The stuff that we’ve accomplished at work is nothing less than amazing. We’ve made huge leaps and bounds in the past 12 months, but there is still so much to do. I have to remind myself to prioritize but keep pushing. There are great things ahead, and there will be rewards.

I just wanted to make this a reminder to you (and myself) that the daily trials we face are gonna happen whether we want them to or not. We can relax and let them knock us down, or we can lean into the process and push.

Please share with me, and others, an experience that you struggled with at the time, and questioned its purpose, yet later discovered it’s reason.


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