Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – B Natural

Back in highschool and some of college, I was in a men’s acappella group called B Natural. Yep. We were cool trendsetters music nerds before the popularity of High School Musical or Glee. We sang at various highschools, churches and colleges. Christmas was one of the best times of the year because we got more gig invites.

I was a bass. I sang bums, doos, dahs, etc. Occasionally, I would have actual lyrics to sing. As an aside, I had a HORRIBLE time with remembering how songs started. This was a real problem when the basses started the song 🙂 There were many a performances when I am sure that I had deer in the headlight looks after hearing the title of the song we were about to jump into, the pitch pipe would be blown in my general direction, and I was drawing blanks on how it would start. Thanks guys for patience with me.

Here is one of the tracks from our cassette tape (Adding this so that when my daughters find this post in years to come… they know just how old I am)

By the way, that 12 days of Christmas version that you have heard that was made popular by Straight No Chaser… We sang that one LONG before they popularized it thanks to YouTube.

Brad Maffett (our director at the time) is the drunk sounding one you hear screaming in the background during the song. We couldn’t dance, so we added production value in the form of humor in the performances. Yeah, you probably had to be there.

Here it is. I’ll have a couple more Christmas songs this week.


Thanks to Micah Taylor for digitizing this amazing music so that it can be preserved for future generations.

Did you see B Natural in concert somewhere (probably means you’re from Gwinnett County) Leave a note below. 

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