It is so easy to compare your work to someone else’s. DON’T!

I’ve got this sign on the wall of my cubicle. I’m not even sure who it is from, but it contains a page of notes from a Jon Acuff discussion. Based upon my above average Google skills, I think that this came from Catalyst West 2012, but I really have no idea. Whoever did this is obviously more creative than I.  I would have pulled out Evernote and typed something that looked like this:

Jon Acuff
Venue Name Here
Date Here

  • God’s glory does not rely on your Klout score
  • Where is your central park?
  • 1000 compliments + 1 Insult = 1 Insult
  • Friendships: You need them
  • Don’t get drunk on what’s next, focus on what’s Now!
  • Jesus didn’t use a platform
  • It is so easy to compare your work to someone else’s. DON’T!
  • By now you should be better. NOT!

Now to be fair, I probably would have added a sub-bullet for each talking point as I am sure that Jon’s wisdom was epic. In fact, I’ve often wondered what the underlying point to each point was. The bullets alone have provided me plenty of time to ponder each’s meaning. Is there audio to this somewhere?


Jon Acuff Catalyst West 2012

Jon Acuff Catalyst West 2012

But whoever did this was intentional about the creativity of the note taking. I’m a visual person and LOVE this type of note taking. I just can’t replicate it. I have a great ability of spatial. planning… I can typically see the parts and visually put together the final piece, but I can not draw to save my life. The typography here is what draws you in.

I love this!

And you see, I have just violated one of the actual bullets of the discussion. I’ve compared my work to someone else’s… Someone that I don’t even know who I stole it from.

I have a huge problem with this. Because I am hyper critical of the work (abilities) that I have been given. I’m constantly comparing what others do. Often time, I’m seeing them at their best performance levels and compare it to my very worst output. Ugh.

That shouldn’t be the case. God gave us abilities and while he doesn’t need us, I think he wants us to use them for his glory. We can praise Him through our work. At the same time we can blaspheme Him through our work. If we are always critical of our creative output than we rob Him of that glory.

I just like the sign above. You don’t know how often I have been sitting at my desk and am critical of the work that I am doing because I am comparing it to others. It is a great reminder to me to be who I am. Bring the gifts and personality that God gave me to the table and just let Him shape the output.


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