Using Voice to Text Apps for Blogging

I find myself doing more blogging while I’m driving. Is that a problem

At first it started out in preparation for when I could get in front of my computer. Saddington has taught me that good blogging starts way before you get your computer. I think about ideas all the time, but it comes down to me to capture those ideas when they come so that I can execute on them later. Whether I use Evernote, #Notes, the back of a business card or a restaurant napkin… you gotta use something when ideas come to capture them.

But I find myself doing more thinking while actually driving. This required me to figure out how to capture on-the-fly… Safely.

Voice to Text

Siri, I need you to capture some ideas for me now, please.

Currently, I’ve found that I like to use iA Writer on my iPhone. I think it was one of the best apps for 99 cents that I’ve purchased.  The voice to text seems to be pretty good. Even with my deep bass voice that is often nasally because of allergies, it is able to translate my voice to text very accurately. When I’m done, I simply email the text file to myself. I can then open up and edit from the post using a foundation that has already been created.

Voice to text allows me to be more efficient during those times That I am traveling between locations. We are close to opening a new outdoor power equipment store in Alpharetta, and I have traveled there many times over the past couple months. Those 20-30 minutes are ideal to draft 2 or 3 posts in some format. I will also use the basic voice memos app on my iPhone, when I am more or less brainstorming. Drive time is perfect for this.

One of the unexpected perks of using voice to text capturing, have been the opportunity to read the auto corrected drafts. It is hilarious to see how Siri translates me. Another cool thing from using voice to text Is that it forces me to use my real ‘voice.’ Blogging should be your real voice anyway and your blog should have a consistent personality that is developed from using real voice. Trying to fake it is obvious to others.

What tools do you use to capture ideas and what is your process for putting bought to word?

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