Is there a Plugins Anonymous Help Group?

On this new site, I am purposefully trying to be as clean as I can with my install files. I don’t want to bulk up the site with additional plugins that will weigh down the site and keep it from performing at optimum efficiency.

It is tough. Because… I like plugins.

Too many Word Press Plugins?

Too many Word Press Plugins?

For instance, on another site that I manage, I have around 25 plugins that were necessary at one point, but instead of considering the actual effects that each one would have on load speed… instead of pondering what each plugin would do to my code to text ratio… I just opted to hit the install button.

Don’t get me wrong, while quantity of plugins does indicate too much reliance on plugin use, it is often not the quantity that can cause problem. It is the quality of those plugins that can kill you. This I realize all too well. It is a case where I don’t necessarily know what makes a poorly coded plugin, but when things begin to break, that is often the first place to look.

So I am making a goal to review every site that I have launched in the past 2 years and do an assessment of the installed plugins. Hopefully through my effort, it will reveal some that could be removed. At the same time, this will help me reconnect to the work that I have done whether freelance or ‘free’ lance and allow me to be better prepared for those phone calls or emails from clients who are receiving update notices and don’t know what to do with them.

Are you plugin crazy? Do you have a approval process that you go through before you just randomly add a plugin to your site?


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