Silly Advertising on Facebook

Do you ever pay attention to the ads on your facebook page? Some of them are amazingly lame. As a marketer for a small business, I am constantly amazed at the ads that get ok’d and get paid for on Facebook by both small businesses and large businesses. Let’s look at a few!

Lowes Facebook Ad

An Apron does not an expert make!

Lately, I get inundated with ads from Lowes. I am happy to click on them and spend their money 🙂

This particular one caught my eye because they are advertising an item that I too am advertising in a few targeted locations. Howard Brothers knows Mowers, Edgers and a WHOLE LOT more than Lowes does. (hey… I’m not ashamed to give some link love to my company) I look at this ad and see a cheap black and decker lawnmower. Plastic. Probably one of the electric ones. Hey, we maybe sell one of these a year at Howards, but the for real people with real lawns that contain real grass… you’re gonna want something that can take the abuse of the job. When needed, you’re gonna want a parts and service department that knows outdoor power equipment. Even if you do buy the Honda mower or the Echo String trimmer from Lowes, when you do need service, they’re gonna send you to us anyway. That being said, nothing wrong with Lowes or Home Depot. Heck, I shop from them all the time, but if you’re counting on the big box long term for your Mowers, Edgers & More!… You need to break up and start a relationship with a small business that knows the industry.

Dangerous Crotch Friction... What does that mean?

Dangerous Crotch Friction… What does that mean?

Check this one out. I have no idea why this one would be considered relevant to me. Facebook is supposed to serve up ads that the user would actually be interested in… right?

Well, this one actually IS interesting. The picture in this particular case doesn’t do anything for me, but the first line of copy, I have to admit, got me wondering. I had to know what kind of company would be focusing on the dangerous crotch friction problem that the world faces. No idea what they do or what they sell, but I had to click and see. I discovered a very creative brand that creates interesting visuals with clever copy that apparently has the funniest newsletter ever (their words… not mine.) I love the site. Totally not my style (although that disco shark hat would get some looks) But hey… I have to give it to them. Great use of Facebook marketing that made me aware of their brand when I would never have gone to their site otherwise.

If you can identify this picture (and pay us money) we'll give you a Master's Degree

If you can identify this picture (and pay us money) we’ll give you a Master’s Degree

Last one for now.

I have to admit, I don’t understand online grad courses. Sure, there are some that are genuine, but I personally believe that a lot of online schools that promise Masters degrees are fraudulent.

In this particular case, I have no idea who is. They have a very nice website. Hey, their hockey team ranks 9th in 2 national polls. I immediately guessed that they were canadian. Wrong. Connecticut.

I wonder how effective this facebook advertising has been. Do they add student admissions through use of advertising on facebook. I would guess that online students are very profitable for colleges/universities. I am a little more at ease after seeing the web site and seeing that they have a physical campus. Some online colleges are rented out space in a shopping center strip mall. This one looks legit.

Seen any good ads recently? 

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