Looking at the World from a non-American View

I’m an American. Proud of it. Not sure that I would want to live anywhere else in the world unless God specifically called me to go. I have never lived outside of Gwinnett County, Georgia. I was public schooled. I grew up Southern Baptist…. Let’s face it, my world view is tinted a very specific shade.

I’m a space/NASA nut. I enjoy looking at the sky and wonder what all is out there. I believe that God created it all and who knows what he did to make it look the way we see it. For many years, humans thought that earth was the center of the galaxy, but now we know that it is just a speck in the vastness of it all. I read the other day that scientists believe that 2013 will bring about us discovering the first true planet that is truly earthlike.

Back in April, I saw a picture that made me pause. It was called “Night Lights – 2012.” It is a composite image that started from 2.5 Terabytes of data. Whoa.

What caught me funny was the fact that NASA did what most maps of the world that I see do. While the earth is round, they started left to right with the USA… OK they did North and South America, but you get the idea. We’re first. It is a subtle thing that we as americans grow up experiencing, but it creates a skewed way we americans see the world. Right?


I looked at it and simply wondered what it would look like if the image were altered. Open Photoshop. Cut. Paste

A different way to look at the world

A different way to look at the world

I work left to right like most. This slight change makes things drastically different for me.

It brings to mind that we are so small. We think that everything revolves around us, yet it doesn’t.

However, when you think about the vastness of it all, that makes the personal relationship that I have with the creator of it all that much more incredible. He spun everything into existence, yet he cares more about me and you than any of it.

Quit looking at the world the same way you see it and try to look at it the way God sees it.



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