Bible in 90 Days | Genesis 1 – 16 : Day 1

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Chapter 1

In the Beginning God… Not us. God. Gotta remember that. We are part of the story, but we are not the story. We can’t complain about the setting or the conflict. God can do and will do what He wants. Tough to swallow that… but that’s it. God makes the rules. He designed it. He oversees it. He created us as a part of it so that we would worship Him. What does he require of us? Obedience. Love. Praise. Adoration.

Chapter 2

Day 7. God rested. It was all good. Everything was complete. How he intended everything to be was in place. However, he knew what was coming. He wasn’t gonna be shocked by what Adam and Eve was about to do. He knew.

Chapter 3


Gospel set in motion.

Chapter 4

4:7 – Warning to us all that if you do well, you will be accepted. If you do not, sin is crouching at the door. It desires us, but we must rule over it.

We can not forget to call upon the name of the Lord. We’re not meant to do it alone.

Chapter 5

Adam to Noah. There was overlap. If Noah can be confirmed and traced back, Adam was real. Timelines and genealogy… are they possible, or do we just assume that this is a story?

Chapter 6

More corruption. Flesh needs limiting. But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. God establishes a covenant with Noah. Noah did ALL that God commanded.

Chapter 7

Again, Noah did ALL that God commanded. The Ark is a type of Jesus. All those that are in it are safe and saved.

Chapter 8

God remembered Noah. God made covenant with Noah and with all of us that He would never curse the ground because of man. The intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth.

Chapter 9

New covenant reiterated and remembered through visual of rainbow.

Noah’s kids cause some trouble for themselves by how they handle Noah’s nakedness. Ham, father of Canaan, failed and did not cover him up or was disrespectful in someway, therefore, Noah cursed Canaan and said that he would serve his brothers. This is the beginning of God’s wrath on Canaan. We may shake our heads at this from a justice standpoint, but this one action doesn’t condemn the people. We know that the heart is what is or is not seeking God. They had and will have opportunities to return to God, but do not.

Chapter 10

We see where Shem, Ham and Japheth will end up and what peoples come from them.

Chapter 11

God’s wrath on unrighteousness evident when he disperses and separates these who are trying to ascend to heaven on their own work. God says that nothing will be impossible for them. Sin is crouching at the door. They forget to call upon the name of God. God makes it so that they must rely on him by confusing their language and splitting them up. [Honestly, a weird chapter]

Chapter 12

Call of Abram. God makes a promise to give Abram this land (currently the canaanites are there.) Abram and Sarai go to egypt and we have a moment of deception and lies. God seems to get involved with Pharaoh and family because of this ‘wife is my sister’ scheme.

Chapter 13

Abram and Lot seperate. Lot takes what looks will be the more fertile land and God reminds Abram again that it will soon all be his and his offspring. Forever.

Chapter 14

That fertile land that Lot takes isn’t so great after he is taken prisoner. Abram comes to the rescue. Afterwards we’re introduced to Melchizedek (Priest of God Most High.) King of Sodom seems to want to get on Abram’s good side by giving up some material goods, but Abram declines saying that he would not want Sodom to think that he has made Abram rich. He shows faith and trust in God to provide all that he has promised.

Chapter 15

God rewards/reminds Abram that he indeed will keep his promise and that the rewards will be great. Abram shows a moment of pause and questions how this promise can come true since Abram has no heir. God assures that he will make it happen. Abram believes. Abrams’ faith is counted to him as righteousness.

Again reminded that God is patient. God tells Abram that timing isn’t right for taking over the land. Canaan (Amorites) seems to have a chance to return to God. He stayed judgement for many generations before Abram’s offspring would return to rule and take the land.

Chapter 16

Sarai is impatient and wants to provide the heir for Abram. She involves Hagar and then we see another fracture in the plan that God has prepared for Abram. Ishmael is born. God keeps promises in all cases. Ishmael is gonna be one of those countless stars in the sky. In this story, we learn a new name for God. Hagar uses the term El Shaddai and reminds us all that God is a God that sees us. Looking back to Chapter 4, we need to remember that we can not forget to call upon the name of the Lord. We’re not meant to do it alone… but when we try to do things on our own, He sees us and is patient. He can’t make consequences of our sin disappear, but he does provide a plan that allows us to return to Him even when we screw up.

Bible in 90 Days | Genesis 1 – 16

Bible in 90 Days | Genesis 1 – 16



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