Publishing and Publicizing on Auto Pilot

I wrote the other day about how I like to capture ideas for various blog posts. One of the easiest ways for me to capture is to literally capture a picture with my iPhone. I see a product or situation that needs promoting or it may be something that I know would receive traffic based upon simple keyword search. I grab my phone, snap a pic and later when I am sitting down to write, I can review my iPhone albums and be reminded.

This often allows me the opportunity to create a number of posts that can be used during those busier times when my focus is not necessarily web related.

But whether it is an immediate post need or one that is not time restrictive, I almost always schedule the post for publication. I put my blog on Autopilot.

Auto Pilot? Surely you can't be serious

Auto Pilot? Surely you can’t be serious


A number of reasons.

1) Almost always, it will allow me one extra chance to make a final change before hitting the publish button. I can review and make last minute edits/changes if needed. Let’s face it, I don’t get a great amount of immediate traffic when I do post something new. Most of the time, posts that I do for work will generate traffic at a later time. I do see a small spike when I promote the post via social media means, but 70+% of the traffic to a post will come days, weeks or even later.

2) I like to test things. I’ve been looking into what time of day is the best as far as driving traffic to the new content. Over the past couple months, I’ve been playing with publish times as early as 5am and as late as 10pm. I know what the best practices say, especially with newsletters, that you should hit the send/publish button between 10am and 2pm in the timezone the intended recipient receives your content… but even with that, I’ve been playing around with the times. I’ve actually seen that the most interaction I got with a newsletter was when I hit publish around 5pm. Seems illogical, but that may be because a lot of the decision makers who we send to are still focused on work at that time.

3) Putting posts in a queue allows me to jump over to another task without worrying about analytics at the time of posting. It is best for me to come back days or weeks later and see what transpired. If I focus too much on the immediate impact, it causes me to forget the longterm strategy that I rely on in the first place.

4) It allows me to be creative when I am creative. If I get in a groove, I have to keep going. I will often hammer together 2 or 3 posts of various types in one sitting. Some never make it to the publish queue, but at least during my creative push, I get the idea down so that I can revisit it with an editors mindset.

5) Thanks to Jetpack, when I do publish (on the day and time that I want,) I automate the publicize process. I can easily create the custom message that I want to push to twitter, facebook and linkedIn. Doesn’t require me to stop and take those steps.

If you are a blogger, do you pause before publishing, or do you just fire when ready?


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