Bible in 90 Days | Genesis 17 – 28 : Day 2

So I was asked on Facebook if I was gonna do this everyday. Who knows. My goal is to try. I’ve failed many times, but one of the reasons that I started this new rebootblog was to create a platform for a fresh start. I’ve learned a lot about blogging. I feel like I’ve gotten better at it. I wanted to try a few new things out and create a place that I can fail some and succeed some as well.

Yesterday was day 1 of 90. I am certain that this is gonna be difficult, but I’m gonna try. I welcome you if you are reading this and hope that you join me. Follow along. We’ll see where it goes. You guys can keep me accountable if I disappear sometime around the book of Numbers.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Without further ado…

Chapter 17

We have a covenant made between God and Abram and with it comes a very physical ceremony that will most definitely be remembered. I wonder if Abram asks why they can’t just stack some rocks up and be reminded that way… Abram gets a new name – Abraham. Isaac is promised. Ishmael is remembered and blessed too.

Chapter 18

Abraham is visited by the Lord and told that the child will be here this time next year. Sarah laughs it off and is called out because of it. Is anything too hard for the Lord?

The visitors and Abraham go out and discuss Sodom and Gomorrah and how wicked the city has become (their sin is very grave.) Abraham knows that God is patient, but knows that he will not withhold his wrath. Shall not the Judge of all the earth do what is just? Abraham intercedes for the few who may still call upon the name of God (chapter 4)

Random thought, In our day, we have any means of communication that we could use to warn our family/friends of the pending wrath of God. Abraham didn’t send a tweet, text or email to Lot to warn him… but at the same time, he didn’t run down to Sodom either. Abraham did the best he could at the time and pled with God to spare those who were His. There comes a time where we will probably have no other option but to do the same. Intercession is the final thing we can do.

Chapter 19

Men enter Sodom and stay with Lot. Evil men of Sodom come and want to “know” them. Lot pleads them to leave. A fight ensues. The men tell Lot to get his family out of the city to safety because judgement is coming. He is slow in leaving so the men seize him and remove him from the pending doom. They tell him to run and not look back. Lot’s wife ignores the command and takes one glance back at the life she had at Sodom. She becomes part of the destruction as she is turned to a pillar of salt. ‘

Justice happens. You can’t blame God for it.

Lot’s daughters do unthinkable by getting pregnant by their father. The Moabites and Ammonites people are born.

Chapter 20

Abraham and Sarah don’t learn lesson the first time and try the whole wife/sister deception with King Abimelech, but we see and learn that God kept Abimelech from sin in this case. God uses the situation and Abraham to bless Gerar and its people.

Chapter 21

Laughter comes to all in the birth of Isaac. Hagar and Ishmael are cast out again, but God hears them again and takes care of them.

Chapter 22

God tests Abraham and asks him to sacrifice Isaac’s life. Isaac asks where the lamb is for the offering and Abraham like any father would have to do, fights back the tears and tells him that God will provide the lamb. Isaac is tied and is about to be killed when God stops Abraham. A ram is provided. The Lord Provides. Promise again that Abraham’s offspring will bless all nations because Abraham obeyed God’s voice.

Chapter 23

Sarah dies. A tomb is purchased for full price. Becomes a possession in the land.

Chapter 24

Abraham wants a wife for Isaac. Sends a servant to find one not from the Canaanites. Rebekah comes out with the water jar and shows that she is God’s chosen for Isaac. “Blessed be the Lord the God of Abraham who has not forsaken his steadfast love and faithfulness toward my master. As for me, the Lord has led me in the way.”

Introduction to Laban and family.

Rebekah agrees to go back with the servant to meet Isaac. Meets Isaac. They fall in love.

Chapter 25

Abraham has more wives and concubines which result in kids everywhere. But Isaac is the child of promise. Reminder of Ishmael and his place in the story.

Isaac and Rebekah’s twins, Esau and Jacob born. Two nations are born. One stronger than the other. One servant of the other. War. Division.

The parents have favorites. We have more deception.

Esau sells his birthright foolishly (I am about to die!) Oaths are sworn. Reality TV at its finest.

Chapter 26

Isaac receives reminder of promise that God gave his dad. Tells him not to go to Egypt to escape the famine, but to sojourn in the land and receive God’s blessing. Isaac stays. We see an odd exchange where Isaac tries to hide the identity of his wife like his dad did. She’s my sister. Weird. But this causes conflict between Abimelech and Isaac. Isaac is told to leave. This however turns out alright in the end, because Isaac digs a well and finds water. Blessing.

Oh yeah, Esau marries a foreigner.

Chapter 27

Perhaps the biggest story of deception in the Bible. Isaac asks Esau to go hunt and bring him a last meal. In return, Isaac will bless Esau. Rebekah (who’s favorite child is Jacob) divises a plan that allows Jacob to get that blessing. Costumes are made. The whole plan some how works as Isaac is too blind and too old to know the difference between his sons. The blessing that Isaac gives is extensive. Fatness of the earth, plenty, servants, allegiance, lordship, curses, blessings.

Esau, literally late to the party finds out what happened. He has lost his birthright, and now his blessings. Hatred settles in. Revenge is plotted.

Rebekah tells Jacob to flee to Laban’s household until time comes that Esau’s anger is no more. Hopefully while Jacob is gone, he’ll find a nice wife that isn’t like the one that Esau married.

Chapter 28

Jacob and Esau go their separate ways. On the way, Jacob has a dream where he sees a ladder stretching up to heaven. He sees angels and God going up and down the ladder. God promises to be with him. Jacob is strengthened and knows that God is in that place. Jacob sets up a monument out of the stone that he used as a pillow and named that place Holy Place (Bethel.)

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