More Silly Advertising on Facebook

I had fun writing about some rather odd advertising that I have seen on Facebook, (here is that post) so I decided to give it another shot. Sure, I guess in some odd way, I am giving these brands a little more boom for their buck by providing the ad and link juice for them. Oh well.

Check out these three ads that I saw this week:

Yext Ad on Facebook

Premium Business Listing from Yext

Have you heard of Yext? I must say that this ad is actually the most relevant one that I’ve seen recently marketed to me on Facebook. I actually went through the trouble to check them out with the intent to use them.

Yext basically creates power listings for your business/brand that helps you instantly map your business to 45+ search engines, local directories and mapping services. Basically you update once and Yext will update everywhere.

For small business, this is huge. If you’re gonna have much luck online, you need good quality links pointing toward your website. You need citations that broadcast your content and data accurately.

It would take a really dedicated person or team of people to manage this data one at a time. Yext promises to do it for you fairly inexpensively. I think it would end up costing a small business about $500 a year. Very reasonable. In the end, I didn’t use them (partly…probably… because I’m sometimes bad at delegating tasks) but mostly because I couldn’t budget the funds for multiple locations. Each location would cost that much. Most businesses would probably just do it, but I have the skills and drive to build the citations on my own. It takes time, but it can be done.  Sorry Yext, but we’re just not meant to be together.

Cancun for 2 for $249? Sounds awesome.

Cancun for 2 for $249? Sounds awesome.

How about this one.

An ad that promises a 5 night stay at an all inclusive resort, excuse me, LUXURY resort for $249. PER COUPLE!

Bring it on. That sounds awesome! What makes the deal even better is when I got to their site it told me that as a bonus, 2 kids under 18 are free!

C’mon. There’s no way. This thing wreaks of scam. Bait and switch or something. Who knows. It could be real. This place might actually be a nice place that is just trying to bump their reservations. This may be the ideal time to book a trip to Cancun, but I’m not buying it. The website is horrible. It just smells.

Digiorno for a year

Digiorno for a year

Last one. Another big brand. It promises free Digiorno Pizza for a year. Uh.

Now I don’t have a problem with Digiorno doing a little brand recognition advertising on Facebook. They actually are using Facebook in a pretty good way for this purpose. The ad doesn’t take you to their main website. It links you to a special page and contest on their facebook page.

What I enjoyed with this was seeing which one of my friends (you know who you are) already liked this page. It is because of them that I was seeing this ad.

My greatest takeaway on this one was wonderment over which pages I like and what ads my friends and family see because of me. Are you seeing Mountain Dew ads on facebook because of my tiny obsession with the awesomeness that is Mountain Dew? Do you get WordPress or Homeschooling ads because that is large part of our lives? Things that make you go hmmm.


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