The Year of X at Cross Pointe Church

Tomorrow kicks off a new year at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth. We as a family are so happy that God led us there. The folks who we have met are icing on the cake to the teaching and worship that takes place there every week. The church seems to be more purposeful about every aspect than any church I have ever been a part. The missions focus is evident all over.

The church is dedicated to Loving God, Serving Others and Sharing Our Story. We are followers of Christ making followers of Christ. That’s it. This year, I am excited that it was announced that the central teaching each Sunday will focused on the Gospels.

For all of 2013, Pastor Merritt will be focused on the Gospels, as he teaches through the life and ministry of Jesus. From the parables, to miracles, to encounters Jesus had with others, to signficiant events in His ministry, we’ll discover together how we can better understand and reflect Jesus’ life every day. In ancient Greek, the title “Christ” begins with an “X”, so our “Year of X” also reflects our focus on Christ throughout the twelve months of 2013.

We as a family are joining other familes as we read through the Gospels all year long. One chapter a night is easy and any family can do it. Simply sit down turn off all the other distractions and read the Word. Discuss. Repeat. We’ve already found in 4 days how much our family is enjoying the time together.

Click here for a link to more information about Cross Pointe and the Year of X. If you’re looking for a church in the Atlanta area that doesn’t just “do church,” I encourage you go come try Cross Pointe out. We’ll save you a seat.

Cross Pointe Church Year of X

Cross Pointe Church Year of X


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