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Michael Hyatt pushed a tweet out a couple weeks back that mentioned a new app called “ManUp.” It intrigued me.

Michael Hyatt Tweet - Man Up

Michael Hyatt Tweet – Man Up

I respect nearly everything that Michael Hyatt has to say. Also… I am a man. I like new apps. I’m in.

First of all, the app is well made. It just looks nice. Here’s the thing about tools. Men especially, will use something more if it is designed well and is easy/user friendly. When I first installed the app and ran it for the first time, I could tell that there was planning that went into it. They designed it so that first impressions would be good.

ManUp App Main Screen

ManUp App Main Screen

The app has several main tabs. Once booted up, the dashboard shows the featured content. Looks like this changes at least once a week, and probably changes daily.

Photo Jan 04, 10 23 59 PM

As men, we need resources to deal with some of the issues that we fight. There is a quick find to get encouragement when dealing with topics such as accountability, addiction, confession, evangelism, finance, goal setting, gospel, health, prayer, reading, relationships, rest, spiritual disciplines, theology, time management and worship.

These resources are formated so that no matter how much time we have, we can grow in areas that are important to all of us.
Photo Jan 04, 10 24 05 PM

There is a section titled “Challenge” that asks men to step up and DO something to grow. While the resources are great for learning which result in growth, the challenges force us to work out our growth. Practice makes perfect? Well, no… but practice will result in growth.

Photo Jan 04, 10 24 11 PM

The Hurdles section of the app is a place to confess and seek prayer with the community of guys using the app. First of all, the app is anonymous, and while all men need guys that we walk with and share and sharpen each other… this is a place where you can anonymously seek advice/prayer for a struggle that you are going through. Likewise, you can read and react to other men who post hurdles.

Photo Jan 04, 10 24 14 PM

Adventures. Coming soon. Hmmm. This looks like it will take the challenges up a notch. Asking men to GO BIG with other men. I’ll be interested in seeing what comes as this is further developed and used.

Photo Jan 04, 10 24 19 PM

All in all, no app can replace community. Men need other men in their lives to build up, encourage, but also to point out where we are failing. Not in a “I’m better than you” kind of way. That doesn’t help anyone. We need guys who sharpen us and allow us to see ourselves from a different point of view from how we see ourselves.

ManUp! Get the app. See what you think of it.



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