Bible in 90 Days | Exodus 16-28 : Day 6

I have to admit that I know that this post is gonna be short. This was one of those days when you finish with the daily Bible reading and have to wonder what the message is that God is trying to tell His followers.

God’s people are in transition. They are headed from slavery to promised land. They are headed from knowing God as promise maker to promise keeper. They will flip flop from trusting him to unbelief and grumbling.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Chapter 16

Hunger sets in. The people blame their leader, Moses, for leading them into the desert to starve to death. This is just after receiving water from God. Water that was made sweet. The whole congregation grumbles. Moses hears that God will provide food, but there will be some guidelines that they must follow.

Manna comes. God provides. Each of them gathered as much as he could eat.

The importance of Sabbath is reminded.

The people eat manna for 40 years! Also, they kept some for all generations. Interesting

Chapter 17

Thirsty for water again. Grumble. Quarrel. Moses asks, “Why do you test the Lord?”

Moses is abe to make water come from the rock. This will play an important role later.

The people of Israel encounter their first fight against foreign army. Amalek comes to fight them. Joshua goes to battle. They discover that when Moses held his hands up, they would gain the advantage. Therefore, they prop his hands up so that they will win. Moses is told to write down all that happens and to recite the details in the ears of Joshua… We begin to see from here who the next leader will be.

The Lord is My Banner.

Chapter 18

Moses Father-in-law recommends that Moses find some men who fear God, who are trustworthy, to handle “smaller” burdens so that Moses can focus on the bigger ones. This is a good leadership principle for us all. Delegate and trust those who you delegate to.

Chapter 19

Israel comes to Mt. Sinai. God tells Moses that if they obey His voice and keep covenant, Israel will be God’s treasured possession among all people. They will be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Powerful promise.

Chapter 20

10 commandments given to Moses and the Israelites. The law shows us our sin. These 10 cover every thing that we might do. In the next few chapters there will be other specific situational laws, but each of these can find a lowest common denominator in the 10 commandments.

Everything is so literal. No wonder the jews missed Jesus but were drawn to him when he said that he came not to remove the Law but to fulfill it. He showed them that sin is a heart matter and that we are all sinners.

Chapter 21-23

Laws about slaves, restitution, social justice, sabbath, festivals. Dozes of very specific situational laws that God gives the people. Do all this and God will provide. He will fight off enemies and deliver them into the promised land. They FAIL, but he provides goodness for his people anyway.

Chapter 24

Moses and Joshua continue to spend time with God. The covenant is confirmed again.

Chapter 25-28

The sanctuary and all the items that make it up are contributed by the people for God’s purposes. There has to be a physical sacrifice by the people for Him. The sanctuary, Ark of the covenant, table, lampstands, tabernacle, altar, court, garments… all these things are described in great detail.

It all seems unnecessary, but God is laying out the seriousness of who he is. He is creating a visual and standard for His people. He wants them to know that following Him isn’t gonna be easy. It will cost you. You can’t be a back row baptist. You’ll not be able to skip out on obedience. They must step up to the plate and agree that His standards are a requirement for their way of living.

We don’t have to go to this detail today, but we still have to understand that His law and His Word to us show us what His requirements for Kingdom living are.

Jesus teaches the same thing in the Gospels:If We Put the King where He is supposed to be, He will give us what we need to have!

Bible in 90 Days | Exodus 26 – 28 : Day 6

Bible in 90 Days | Exodus 26 – 28 : Day 6



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