Why Reboot?

My good friend, Ben likes to joke with me about the new blog name. I get it. I agree. It makes no sense. It doesn’t have that sniper style focus that some blogs have. That’s OK. I’m cool with it. I said back on the first post, that this site was specifically to be a creative reboot. I recognize that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the posts that I am now writing here and the ones that I wrote on my old blog.

Reboot Button

Reboot Button

Which makes me bring up a question to those of you who ARE reading this blog. Should I port over those posts and close out that domain name? I wouldn’t actually close it out. I want to use it as a personal landing page, but I am trying to figure out how handle that content. Meh. I just need to pull the trigger and do something.

Why reboot? Well, there comes a time when you have so many processes running that you just need to get back to square 1. You may be fully aware of some of the programs that are dominating your processing power, but there are some that are hidden in the background and are taking away efficiency and productivity. They are slowing down you and your device… sometimes in a small way, and sometimes in a critical way.

Also, reboots are often required after an update. Software updates are inevitable in today’s society. Many people hate software updates and aren’t real excited that the workflow up performing the update. They’re unsure what the update will do to the product. Most people think change is bad, but it doesn’t have to be.

It is a new year, and even though we’re going into our second week, it still isn’t too late to reboot something in your life. Take a break and shut down those physical processes. Restart them one at a time and see what happens.


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