Bible in 90 Days | Exodus 29-40 : Day 7

Wow. Day 7 and we’re gonna be done with the Book of Exodus! It gets harder from here, but hopefully we’re building momentum with our daily reading and habits are forming. Leviticus is tough. The next few days will be interesting. For now, let’s finish discussing Exodus.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Chapter 29

After reading this chapter today, I wrote this in the margin of my Bible. Initial Sacrifice -> Continual Sacrifice. All this stuff that the israelites have to do to be prepared to enter God’s presence! And it was only the Priests who could do that! It says that this will become a regular offering that they have to do. I am so thankful that our access to God is so much easier.

Chapter 30

Atonement at the altar of incense. More about the actual incense in a minute.

Did anyone notice the part about the census tax? Not trying to get political here, but check this out:

“The rich shall not give more. The poor shall not give less.” – Exodus 30:15

Back to the incense. Check this out, God gave them the recipe for the mixture, but then said that they shouldn’t make anything else like it in composition. It is holy and shall be holy to them. I wonder if there are times where we try to replicate things that we shouldn’t. Perhaps there are times where we just need our gift and sacrifice to be a one time thing and we shouldn’t try to recreate it.

Chapter 31

God gives Oholiab and Bezalel specific talents, intelligence,  knowledge and craftsmanship to build all this stuff that God wants created. But then he says that he gave ALL MEN enough ability to make all this stuff. Therefore, I bet God also gave these two craftsmen amazing leadership skills. They had to clearly communicate vision to others. I bet it was fun to be an apprentice under these two guys.

Sabbath. Keep it.

Chapter 32

Impatient people quickly turn aside from God and decide to build a gold calf. Well, the Bible doesn’t say that they set out to build a calf, but it says that they want to build gods… the gold is thrown into the fire and out comes a calf. Dark forces are upon the israelites here.

Moses speaks up for the people, gets God to relent, and then Moses goes a bit crazy. You want an idol. See how you like your idol when you have to drink it! He grinds up the gold calf, mixes it in some H20 and makes the people drink it. Bet they missed their sweet water then.

God still kills off some of the people. Consequences don’t get ignored just because forgiveness happens.

Chapter 33

I have written in the margin of my Bible on this one Leadership Learning when it comes to Joshua hanging out at the tent of the meeting after Moses leaves. When Moses returns to camp, Joshua remains at the tent. I imagine that God is building him into the leader he needs to be later.

The people are told to leave Sinai. They don’t leave immediately.

Moses wants to see God’s glory. God allows his goodness to pass before him in the cleft of the rock. Love that visual. You know, we sing songs about wanting the Glory of God to fall on us, but I am not sure that we are always ready for that. We won’t be able to fully experience it here in this world. That is something to look forward to.

Chapter 34

The Lord who is slow to anger creates new tablets written with his finger (the first set were busted when Moses saw the cow) The Covenant is renewed. Other nations will see the work of the Lord (for it is an awesome thing I do with you)

The Lord is Jealous… in fact his name is Jealous. I’ve not ever thought about that name for Him. Should probably come back to that. Heaven knows I get jealous at times. Perhaps that is the easiest emotion that we can fully understand God by…

Chapter 35 – 39

Reiterated is the building of the tabernacle, ark, table lamp stand, alter of incense, bronze basin, court. We read about the priestly garments again. This seems to be a diary entry after the people followed through with what God commanded them to do in the first place. It shows obedience and follow through.

Chapter 40

The tabernacle is built. All the items are put into it and the priests go to work. Sacrifice is made. And the Glory of God fills the tabernacle. Later, when they needed to pack up and move on to another place, God’s glory would lift from it and move on. They would follow.

Bible in 90 Days | Exodus 29-40

Bible in 90 Days | Exodus 29-40



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