Bible in 90 Days | Leviticus 15-27 : Day 9

This post deals with bodily discharges. Well… partly. If you found my blog because you searched for information dealing with this issue… I am sorry. But, I hope that you enjoy the post.

Oh yeah, I am also gonna go ahead and finish off Leviticus today even though the plan that I am reading through actually wants me to read Leviticus 27 tomorrow.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Chapter 15

I have no idea. Hey… God likes things clean. Don’t we all?

Chapter 16

Aaron has to get himself prepared to go and sacrifice to God. There was much he had to do before he could go. The sin offering that was made was not only for the people of Israel, but for himself. The atonement was for himself and his house.

Check out what happens with the live goat at the end of atonement for the Holy Place. The goat lives and has hands laid on as iniquities of the people are confessed. Then the goat is let go into the wilderness. The goat bears the iniquities to a remote area and is free in the wilderness.

After all the carnage of sacrifice, this is a stark difference that the goat experiences. Interesting.

Chapter 17

Sacrifices made by the people of israel, or those who sojourn with them… if those sacrifices are not made in the right fashion, they should be cut off from His people. I am thankful again, that we can freely offer up the sacrifice of praise anywhere.

Chapter 18

You shall not do as the people in Egypt do. You shall follow my rules and statutes. This chapter is focused on sexual relations. The bible is clear what is acceptable in the sight of God (and all is in His sight.) The chapter discusses close relatives, familial relations, homosexual activity, sex with animals. All those who do these will be cut off from his people. I am the Lord your God.

Interesting in this time period there was multiple wives and concubine (I think) that this practice was still happening. God is pretty clear in the holistic view of scripture where he stands on marriage. The bible says here that the land will vomit you out if you make it unclean. When sin entered the world, the earth fractured and people started ignoring God and doing things their own way. This whole book seems odd to us when we read it. We can’t imagine what kind of God would ask his people to do this to appease his Sin penalty, but then again it was us that committed treason against the creator of the universe. Thankfully, he created a much better way to appease the sin penalty.

Chapter 19

This chapter starts off plain and to the point. Be Holy, for I am Holy.

v9-10 talks about how when you glean the blessings of harvest, we should leave some for the poor and sojourner. This will play a very clear role during Ruth’s life later, but to us, we need to remember not to strip all the harvest that God blesses us with. We should be good stewards of the blessings he gives us (and everything good comes from Him)

Other statues mentioned.

Chapter 20

God makes it clear some other ways that His name will be profaned. Child sacrifice, more sexual immorality and practicing magic. Be Holy. Be different. Be set apart.

Chapter 21-22

Priests need to always remember that there life is especially set apart. This extends to family and all aspects of their life.

Chapter 23

Various feasts should be kept. They each remind the people of all that God does. Weekly, they should pause and keep the sabbath and be reminded of His goodness. Yearly, they would honor firstfruits, passover remembrance, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Trumpets Day of Atonement and feast of booths.

Chapter 24

Big takeaway from this chapter is that blasphemy is serious unto death. How we fail on this one ALL THE TIME.

Chapter 25

There is the return of property and forgiveness of debt that is set up by God. I often wonder what would happen if we as Christians still did this. I believe that we would recognize more that everything belongs to God and we just get access to it for a set period of time.

Chapter 26

Follow me and I will bless you. Rain will come. Yields will happen. You will eat well. Peace will be in the land. Harmful beasts will be stayed. Enemies will run. I will dwell among you. (that sounds so good)


Disobedience yields waste. Disease. Enemies. Panic. Hunger. Weakness. Swords. Death.

If you do fall away from me, if your uncircumcised heart is humbled and you make amends for your iniquity… Then I will Remember my Covenant with you!

Chapter 27

Every tithe/offering that is given to God is His. It is Holy to the Lord. God wants the good, but he also will make the bad redeemed and holy if given with the right attitude. God is good.

Bible in 90 Days | Leviticus 15-27

Bible in 90 Days | Leviticus 15-27


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