Even More Silly Advertising on Facebook

I think that I’ve found a new hobby. I’ve found that I like to critique and comment on Facebook Advertising. Check out this post that I started it all and the follow up a few days later.

For this one, I am gonna look at some ads that have been produced by my christian brothers and sisters… I assume they’re christian… Who knows.

Here they are:

Facebook Ad: Are you Blessed?

Facebook Ad: Are you Blessed?

Are you blessed. Are you blessed? Really? Seriously. What is the point of this ad? I can not for the life of me understand why someone would pay for this ad. The ad takes you to a facebook page that looks innocent enough. When you check out the website that is actually associated with the facebook page, you find out that the page is from the “Greater Good” network. There’s advertising EVERYWHERE.

So it seems that you are “encouraged” to interact with the website. I guess part of that interaction would be clicking on some of the remarketing ads that appear on the site. Perhaps they give some of that ad revenue to various charities and needs.

But Facebook ads? I guess I wouldn’t have found the page or the site without it, but just seems odd.

Ligonier Ministries Facebook Ad

Ligonier Ministries Facebook Ad

Ligonier Ministries is actually a pretty good group. Ligonier was founded by R.C. Sproul. It has reformed theology as its central purpose. I actually have no problem with the organization and have listened to some sermons and accessed some resources from Ligonier’s website.

The ad takes you to Ligonier’s facebook page. You can “Like” it and have their content hit your wall and/or inbox.

I assume that they have a statistic somewhere that shows how much a facebook fan is worth with regards to ministry donations.  Being a analytics junkie, I would love to know how many of the nearly 53,000 fans are donors.

Ministry Matters Facebook Ad

Ministry Matters Facebook Ad

How about Rob Bell? Is he a christian? Is he a heretic? What do you think? No don’t answer that. Too long of a discussion and the point of this blog is just to poke fun and silly facebook ads.

This one actually seems to be a pretty good way of promoting content to a relevant audience… except that when I clicked on the ad, it took me to their facebook page and on it, I could find nothing about Rob Bell. Sure, I googled Rob Bell and Ministry Matters and found the article, but me thinks that if you’re gonna pay for an ad and use specific copy in the ad, make the click thru of that ad go where you infer that it will.

Are you following God's Plan? Facebook ad

Are YOU following God’s Plan? Facebook ad

YOU! Hey YOU! are YOU following God’s Plan? Are YOU being the Vessel that God designed YOU to be? FREE Book reveals if YOU truly are!


All caps YOU

Honestly, I didn’t even click through and can’t find the ad again and have no idea where I would have ended up. However, the thing I keep thinking is that God does indeed have a plan, but sometimes it isn’t about YOU. God intends to be glorified through us, but it isn’t ABOUT us.

Amazon Facebook Ad Deep and Wide Andy Stanley

Amazon Facebook Ad Deep and Wide Andy Stanley

Last one. This one isn’t necessarily from a christian company. Amazon just wants to sell me a book. They don’t care what that book is as long as I buy one. I found this one interesting because I have been looking at Andy Stanley’s book, Deep and Wide. I would love to read it and will probably read it this year sometime. This is a pretty powerful example of the dynamic capabilities of Facebook Advertising. They’re showing me relevance instead of something that I have no interest.

I already have my next silly facebook ads post in the works. The next one will focus on the political system in America. You know that will be fun.

Seen any good ads lately?


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