Will your Toilet be connected to the Web soon?

I remember seeing this Geek and Poke cartoon back in 2012. Check it out:

Geek and Poke Toilet

HT: http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341d3df553ef0133f2208c41970b-pi

Seems like everything is becoming connected to the web and to some social geolocating profile. While I do believe that we’ll be spared from the tweeting toilet in the year 2015… geo locating apps and devices are surely going to become more present.

In my business, I’ve wondered when we’ll see lawn mowers that have a touch screen that will allow for web connectivity. When will we see cameras added to everyday products so that content is captured as it is happening.

My question to you. Trying to get some engagement on this blog. Comment below. Please. Dream a little.

What do you think we will see this year? How about before 2015? 

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