Silly Political Advertising on Facebook

Are you ready for a few more shots at facebook advertisers? I’ve had a bit of fun doing this. Today, I figured I would focus on some political centered facebook ads? The best part about these are often the pictures and the ad copy.

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David Schafer Facebook Ad

David Schafer Facebook Ad

I’ll start out with David Shafer. For one, I like David Shafer. He’s a senator from my own county. He supports the FairTax, which I do also. He is a local guy who loves small business. He fights against voter fraud, and supports voter ID. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Now, my problem with the ad, if I were managing this facebook buy, I would update the image. Are we trying to get to 24,000 supporters before November 2, 2012 or 2013? He’s already over that number… meh. Shouldn’t get too caught up in it.

So yeah. I like him. facebook ad facebook ad

How about this one. Everyone likes Higher Taxes… right?

Should Obama and congress raise them? VOTE HERE!

Yeah. Me thinks that Obama and congress doesn’t care about my vote on a facebook page. They don’t care about americans in general… All they care about is keeping the power that they have by being re-elected.

Obama and Boehner both really need to go away.

Buzzfeed facebook ad

Buzzfeed facebook ad

I gotta admit. This ad gives me no idea what it is about. I really don’t know who Leroy Petry is. I know that Buzzfeed is a “links” website that just creates content. Their site has one goal. Monetization. Ads everywhere.

That being said, when I clicked on the ad and then got sucked into the rest of the content on their site… I found these two images for two posts. Their mad photoshop skillz crack me up:

Obama with a Crown

Obama with a Crown

Smug Looking Obama

Smug Looking Obama

Well… that was worth the ad and my click through 🙂

No Liberal Bias Here :)

No Liberal Bias Here 🙂

No Liberal Bias Here. OK. CNSNews reports the TRUTH on the Obama Administration.

I would imagine that even though they don’t claim to have liberal bias, they probably have their own agenda. Sure, I don’t like the Obama administration, but I bet they have their own definition and version of the truth.


Bonus Ad

Bonus Ad

This last one is a bonus political Ad. Yeah… it isn’t a paid for ad on Facebook. This one actually came from one of the people in my feed. (although, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made an ad with this content)

C’mon. Really.

Again, I’m not an Obama supporter. I’m not gonna get really excited about the inauguration next week. But C’mon.

Comparing him to Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Amin and Lenin?

And… I do think we have cameras that shoot color photos now.

When you throw stuff like this on your wall, I think you lose the opportunity to be a part of the discussion.



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