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If you read my original blog, you know that at one point in time I called it Andy Darnell’s Mindmap or mind dump. It really was just a place to try and put words to thoughts that were rolling around in my head. This will be one of those type posts. Please ignore sentence structure and allow me to take a few tangents.

In my life, I find myself thinking about the Bible a good deal. I guess that is a good thing. There is much in it that we have no ability to comprehend or understand. Heck, I’m sure John MacArthur at times feels like Joel Osteen trying to understand a single verse that he can teach. But, there are other sections of scripture that are clearer than crystal clear. Here’s something that was banging around inside my head this morning.

You hear it all the time how Christ first came for the sick. He associated with prostitutes and tax collectors. There are plenty of situations where the religious folk were shocked and angered by these associations. He didn’t ignore the sin… he clearly addressed it, but regardless, Jesus was a friend of sinners.

When Jesus returns again… He is coming for His bride, which is the church. There won’t be a chance for Him to go confront the lostness of the world. At that point, it will be too late. Those of us who are true Christ followers know that time is drawing to a close. If we truly believe what we say we believe, then we have to get our act together.

We as Christ followers are to go into all the world and tell our story. This means that we should be telling others the life changing testimony of how Jesus met us at our lowest point. How he met us when we were sick and dead in our sin.

Therefore, I believe that too often we find ourselves in our comfortable little pew, singing the same songs week after week, learning the same lessons and hearing the same sermons that we have heard our entire life. Sure, I read something in the Bible and think to myself, “Wow, I haven’t ever seen that or understood that before…” but, the fact of the matter is that the message is the same. The whole of the Bible is simple and the message is clear.

Part of the reason that the Bible has propagated so much since it was transmitted from God himself to the physical writers is because someone understands the simplicity of it and passes it along. I’ve been sitting here for the past 16 days writing what stands out to me from each chapter. Note: I am not going to cease this, but I could just as easily write a post every day that just says this…

God created you. You hate him, and would rather be left alone, but he wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t need anything from you, but he wants your love. He knows what is best for you, therefore, he wants you to listen to him. He wants to give you a story and a song that you have no choice but to sing and tell others about.

We have to put aside ego and pride. We need to embrace the true lostness of the world. I don’t think you do it by having an event, singing a song or creating an app or online service. When we pause from the business of our life, to tell our story to someone who God places in our life, then I think we are being most like Christ. Jesus went around and told stories. His simplicity of truth amplified the message. It allowed the listener to focus on what was truly important. It allowed the message/word to cut right to the heart issue which all sin comes from.

We need to be prepared to tell our story.

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story


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